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Why acceptify?
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Why acceptify?

With acceptify, fast and sustainable decisions can be made for a variety of people. In addition, the participation process provides an image of the mood and valuable knowledge to those who are responsible.

Contribute anytime, anywhere

Participate in solution finding processes, regardless of location or time.

A participative creation of value

Have all participants develop, screen and rate new ideas.

Make decisions measurable

Let people rate the current situation and see how much better the new solution is.

All devices

acceptify is fully responsive and thus can be used on desktop, tablet and smartphones.

acceptify decisions

You ask your group about their concerns and make the decision-making process transparent; you receive a recommendation or decision that is highly accepted by this group of people.

Convert resistance to innovations

Use resistance to change as a source of innovation.

Save resources - time, money, nerves, risk

On the way to decisions, in decision-making, in documentation and traceability and in implementation. Reduce decision risk.

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