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Every customer is different, let's find a pricing model that fits your needs. We are also offering trainings, workshops, self-hosting. Please contact our sales team to find a consent for the pricing:



  • unlimited participants
  • 2 parallel topics
  • 2 months storage period
  • All features for simple topics
  • Financed by advertising
  • Community support through help center
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5 / month*

  • unlimited participants
  • 5 parallel topics
  • 6 months storage period
  • + Basic features
  • No advertising
  • + Low priority email support for moderators
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20 / month*

  • unlimited participants
  • unlimited parallel topics
  • unlimited storage period
  • + Premium features
  • No advertising
  • + High priority email support for moderators
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  • Professional support of decision-making processes
  • Moderation of decision-making processes
  • Develop participation concepts
  • Do you want to be accompanied in decision-making and change processes? We support you in decision-making with systemic consensus. Contact us for an offer and let us make viable decisions together
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*All prices are per moderator and exclude taxes. By purchasing a Basic or Premium Plan, you support the operation and further development of acceptify. In addition, you support the dissemination of the SK-Principle (Systemic Konsensing) directly at the source of its emergence. We say thank you in advance!

Frequently asked questions

By parallel topics, we mean currently active acceptify topics (the rating period has not yet expired) that you have created yourself.
The additional functions included in the basic plan are functions for ambitious moderators, such as exporting results. The range of functions for the basic plan is constantly being expanded.
The additional functions included in the premium plan are functions that facilitate the use of acceptify in a professional environment, such as the management of e-mail lists. The range of functions for the Premium plan is constantly being expanded.
If you are unhappy with your subscription, or simply don't have an application for acceptify at the moment, you can cancel your subscription at any time without notice at the end of your subscription period. Simply send an email to
We created a help center for FAQs, scenarios and methodical questions. This is of course free to use for everyone. Also free to use is the possibility to create a ticket in the help center. This ticket is then answered by one of the friendly nice people of the inner circle of the acceptify community. The email support in the paid plans goes directly to the developers of acceptify and the SK-Principle. The priority defines in which order they work on the tickets. Tickets from premium members have higher priority.